What's Photography About

What is photography about? It's about the perfect moment; when the elements of composition coming together as what we see as a perfect picture, or even as you might put it, a work of art. Photography is about light and having the artistic vision to use that light in a way; that makes that one shot, the perfect shot. It's a powerful means of communication, with visual expression. Where today: most of the photographs; are taken as snapshots, a casual record of personal events; like birthdays, weddings and graduations.

What defines a snapshot from photographic art; is that the photographer possesses the skill to use all the elements around their subject, to compose the best image of what is being photographed. Photographic art: usually is not created by some random snapshot; but by the skill of the photographer, to knows the area their shooting in, and the way the light will affect the subject, at different times of the day, in that area. The word photography: means "drawing with light"; the word photo, is a Greek word meaning "light" and the word graph, is a Greek word meaning "drawing". The experienced photographer; who understands how to control the light, in his photographs, will not just give you another snapshot, but a genuine piece of art that will be admired for a life time.

A camera is an expressionless piece of equipment, until someone snaps a picture with it. No matter how fancy the camera or the gadgetry, a skilled photographer will take that piece of equipment and turn a photograph, into a work of art. My favorite photographer in my life time was Ansel Adams and he started out with a Kodak Browning, "No 1 film camera". And Ansel has taken some of the most famous photographs ever taken. Ansel Adams was a master of composition and lighting. Not only was he familiar of what he was photographing; but how the light in those areas, affected his shots, at certain times of the day. But his gift was being able to show you; what he seen through his eyes, how he saw it.

Photography is about knowing the subject that you're shooting; being familiar with the surroundings, and being able to control the lighting when composing your shot. These three simple rules are necessary: no matter where you're shooting; if it's in the great outdoors, or in a camera studio. It doesn't matter if you're shooting a mountain or a model. You should know a little about your subjects before you start photographing and find out how lighting may affect them. It wouldn't be nice; if your lighting made your beautiful model look five pounds heavier; or give him or her, unsightly shadows that change the contour of their face.

Good Photography isn't just about a snapshot; it's about creating the best picture you can get at that moment. And when composing a shot on the fly, your head is full of questions you ask yourself about that one shot; hoping that you don't second guess yourself on the final result.

Article by Alan Slagle

Anthoney explains his view on what photography is about.

Photography is about different thing to each individual person who has ever held a camera. Some people might call it an art form; some just might call it a recorded image. No matter what you thing photography is, it has its own little place in the art world and anybody can do it.

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